Best Time to Travel to Lombok

Best time of year to go to the Lombok

Best Time to Travel to Lombok

The year all round, it’s humid and hot. In this season, it is possible to experience long, bright days and rain that is meagre. The temperature fluctuates between 32°C and 21°C.

The weather of Lombok is activities that are suitable for various water sports. Being so near the equator daytime are usually 12 hours long with dawn around 6:30am and sundown around 6:30pm. Without looking in the climate consequently it’s difficult to understand what time of the entire year it’s. As the needle never clearly moves, wall thermometers are not sold by shops on Lombok.

Best Time to Travel to Lombok  Best Time to Travel to Lombok
The dry season” that is “ starts in May and continues through October. On the shore the temperatures have been to the 90s that is low throughout much of the entire year during daytime hours, and a bit cooler at night.

” which is not that wet, the “wet season has much the same weather. This in fact refers to sometimes high wind, not significant rain, although the climate is incorrectly called monsoon. So the winter months are when the winds pick up. Traveling in the off season can possess some real advantages also.

Other lodgings along with the resorts are significantly more affordable, quicker to give reductions and a great deal more easy to discover a vacancy through the off season. The waterfalls are far more dramatic with all the rain that is additional. Eventually, the weather that is somewhat cooler makes sleep at night far more enjoyable. Generally, the nighttime is cool that you simply do not want an air conditioner. A Ceiling fan or a floor fan makes to get an extremely enjoyable nighttime sleep.

Best Time to Travel to Lombok  Best Time to Travel to Lombok  Best Time to Travel to Lombok
As a little island surrounded by ocean, Lombok weather is more temperate than similar regions of big land mass or places like Malaysia. For travelers who enjoy warm weather, the weather in Lombok must rank as among the very comfortable spots on the planet. There’s actually no bad time.