The Best Time to Travel to Ecuador

The Best Time to Travel to Ecuador

The Best Time to Travel to Ecuador for shores is astonishingly as this can be a lot fresher in relation to the dry season from June to November that may be way too cool in addition to cloudy and generally overcast, the rainy season that occurs from December through to May.

Pacific Coast Area

The rainy season crosses through May. High humidity and temperatures that are hot predominate around this season. Astonishingly, the elements is quite a bit more sunny during the rainy season, regardless of the occasional day showers. Lonely Planet urges this season as the most effective time to go to with the seashore. Cooler air temperatures seem from June to September, bringing dolphins and whales to the waters over the coast. The heavens become overcast plus it is generally in the ocean, although this interval makes up the dry season.

Oriente Area

The Oriente sprawls comprising marshy lowlands and tropical rainforests. It rains year round in this area, but the precipitation amounts are especially high between April and December. Drier weather will be experienced by visitors to November. Temperatures in the Oriente reach upwards throughout the day, for sweltering states, so prepare yourself.

Voyagers can anticipate bigger crowds and higher costs for transport and accommodation between June and August along with December and January. Tour groups and resorts, flights fill up fast during these months. Therefore, the Lonely Planet Travel Guide proposes making bookings well in advance for excursions around these intervals.

Off Season Budget Traveling

Voyagers can benefit from lower costs on goods and services through the off season months in Ecuador. The intervals between April and February together with September and November make up the off season here. Many resorts, restaurants, tour businesses and transportation operators reduce rates on the offseason. Bunches are minimal, and visitors will likely get prices that are more affordable wherever they go.

Andes Area

Elevation plays an important function in affecting the comparatively low temperatures in this area. Frommer’s urges the dry season as the most effective time of the year to go to with the Andes of Ecuador.


Besides worldwide holidays like New Year’s, Easter and Christmas, Ecuador boasts a few other large parties through the entire entire year. Carnival kicks off transforming the weekend before Ash into a torrent of road celebrations, dancing and water balloon throwing. Also of interest is the Independence Day in Ecuador. Dropping about the 10th of August, the Independence Day in Ecuador ushers in patriotic festivities round the united states and a slew of military parades.