Best Places to Travel-Visit to Croatia

Best Places to Travel-Visit to Croatia

Overview of the best places to visit in Croatia. Situated in the Balkans, Croatia is now one of Europa’s top tourist destination in the late 1990s since its War of Independence. Like much of Europe, Croatia boasts its share of historical ruins and medieval cities, but what makes this nation special is its abundance of beautiful natural attractions like the Plitvice Lakes, the magnificent Adriatic shorelines and isles that are magnificent.

Plitvice National Park

One of all of Europe, the Plitvice National Park and the very amazing natural wonders in Croatia contains waterfalls, several breathless lakes and verdant woods. The park remarkable characteristics are the 16 interconnecting lakes which can be broken up into top and lower bunches. The lakes range in different colors from turquoise to green, blue and grey. Visitors can learn more about the lakes and surrounding region by walking along the range of wooden pathways in addition to by boat.


Hvar Town, Hvar’s chief city, is an appealing city, featuring an imposing old fort, marble flagstone roads, Gothic palaces, beautiful churches and 13th century walls. The town square is among Croatia’s biggest & most amazing, surrounded by many historic building such as the 17th century Arsenal as well as the Cathedral of St. Stephen.


Nicknamed the “Pearl of the Adriatic is among the notable areas to go to in the Mediterranean. Situated off the Adriatic Sea in the southern crown of Croatia, Dubrovnik was created on marine commerce in the 7th century. With orange rooftop houses sitting in sharp contrast many sightseeing treasures are presented by Dubrovnik. The Old Town, the historic district, is stuffed with a number of historical features including the old, defensive walls, cobblestone roads, glorious palaces and churches that were beautiful.


Narrow streets of cobblestone, stairs, arches along with other fascinating buildings make the Old Town a sightseeing experience. Also worth seeing are the picturesque seaport, Grisia Street, which can be lined with memorabilia sellers and artists, and Carrera Street using its many stores and art galleries.


Nicknamed the “Mediterranean Flower,” Croatia’s second- Split, biggest city, is situated on a peninsula. Having a labyrinth of marble paths and buildings including shops, cafes and pubs constructed between 298 and 305 this Roman Emperor palace complex is more like a smallish city itself. Outside the historic centre, tourists will find plenty to see and do including swimming at Bacvice beach, shopping in the Green Market that is exciting and wandering along the beachfront promenade.