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Best Tips Travel Guide for First Time Traveler to Lombok, Indonesia

Tips travel guide for first time traveler to Lombok, Indonesia – Compared to the crowded with tourists both foreign and local tourists in Bali, Lombok will be more silent, appropriate for you who are seeking a holiday not overly crowded though still interesting. Vacations to Lombok additionally do not have to spend lots of the price if you’re clever looking for transport tickets and affordable hotels. Lombok is the proper location for you who revel in the best thing about nature having a maximum, since the majority of the island continues to be quite lovely and love adventure. Best Tips Travel Guide for First Time Traveler to Lombok, Indonesia


  • Specify comprehensive tours with destinations ranging from time and cost

The next point is essential, before setting out to develop a comprehensive strategy of tourist destinations that needed to see, just how long it will take to go from one destination and how much it costs. That means it is possible to forecast the budget will soon be issued.


  • Rent a motorcycle to get around Lombok

Lease a bike throughout the holiday season on Lombok is the best suited selection for frugality. Rent a car is going to be far more pricey compared to renting a bike if in relation to cost. While leasing a bike just must spend cash on 50 thousand you must spend numerous thousands in the event the rent auto. Bike rent is readily seen in Mataram city, also it is possible to travel with much more adaptable and quicker around Lombok.

Best Tips Travel Guide for First Time Traveler to Lombok, Indonesia  Best Tips Travel Guide for First Time Traveler to Lombok, Indonesia


  • Keeping and Wear Sunblock

So that traveling may be appreciated to its fullest, you should keep well-being with enough rest, if possible beverage multivitamins to maintain your stamina and eat. Do not forget also to constantly wear sunblock. Use sunblock before doing the action of diving and snorkeling to prevent not overcook.


  • Cash

Estimate some expenses rent speed boat public boat to play, purchase mineral water and bites, pay tike entered sights, so on and lunch.


  • keep societal standards

Nearly all the people of Lombok Sasak tribe still keep societal standards in society but is a Muslim. We CAn’t only in dress although Lombok became among the tourist destinations.


  • Evening amusement

For it’s this we propose one to decide on accommodation around Senggigi. While should you would like to take pleasure from the feeling of the night time, there are many cafes in Senggigi Paradiso Restaurant, as Alberto, Banana Tree Cafe or in the garden. Gili Trawangan can also be the spot to go through the night life. Obviously remain overnight on the island and you must cross considering that the daytime or evening. Normally the midst of the night time, a tiny island that travellers rolling out musical entertainment and some celebrations to morning.


  • Accommodation

In addition to access is going to be closer to crossing to Gili Air, Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno, Senggigi supplies the bunch dining and exciting place that is enough for the tourist setting. During peak seasons December, July and January could be a factor for you yourself to reserve lodging on day one of the departure.