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TOP 7 Best Tourist Attractions in Cuba

TOP 7 Best Tourist Attractions in Cuba  TOP 7 Best Tourist Attractions in Cuba – A region which is considered the nation harmful for many countries on earth, Cuba, is changed into a tourist magnet of the planet ought to be taken into consideration. Considering that the year 2012 tourism Cuba began to to identify planet tourists. Cause no due to a unique character. Cuba has the old-town are well-maintained. Urban places to the coastline of the region are similar to other developed nations.


Cigar factory

Cuban cigars are well recognized in the planet, it is possible to visit the Partagas cigar factory in Havana, where in historical times every day the employees are in a position to make hundreds of cigars as well as the factory was constructed in 1845. You you should know understand that, that guests aren’t in the permit utilizing digicam, arguing to guard the factory employee who didn’t want to be a public spectacle. Visitors may take a tour to view the procedure for creating cigars, made to be a the finest cigars.


Old Havana

It’d two weapons of the Canon, and where we are able to begin to see the lovely sunset in the garden terrace in the Hotel National de Cuba, that has been bombed by the United States Navy through the war between America and Spain. The resort continues to be inhabited by musicians, particularly Frank Sinatra and was constructed in 1930.


Museum Revolution

The Museum was previously employed as the official home of the President, as well as the museum exhibits a quantity of Cuban background, to the time of the revolution in the collection because some time of European colonization in the 18th-century. You can visit the Museo de la Plata, which is is among the the oldest homes in Havana that retailers weapons such as different swords and fire arms in Cuba. It is possible to also visit El Morro Fort, a 16th century that were created as the entrance.



It is a place that was created a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1988, and was discovered in 1954. Trinidad de Cuba is a gem with this country, where slaves and sugar traders develop mansions surrounding the Plaza Mayor, as well as the house of the 19th century now disable in to museums and galleries. And one of these is Palacio Burnet and the archaeology, that has been filled with carved-wood furniture. Itself is situated to the coast of Cuba, while Trinidad.



Varadero beach is an incredibly beautiful and extremely well-known in Cuba, where the beach has white-sand over the 12-mile, golf courses and luxurious lodging location internationally, including Melia, Occidental, Sandals, and Barcelo. In addition using its stunning beaches, guests can be a location like snorkeling, diving, and fishing.


Santa Clara

Santa Clara is a town where innovative Che Guevara as a war that is a number one to overthrow Batista’s program in 1958. Guests will be more fascinated towards memorial and museum revolusionel that’s located in the hills near this town even though the city features a colonial aura.

The Museum features a selection of Che Guevara, among which there are a quantity of weapons to be employed in conducting the revolution, his image along with Fidel Castro, as well as college diploma. The Monumento del Che continues to be included together with the statue of Che Guevara, who had been holding a weapon-design as symbolic of the revolution.

Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba is situated in the East of the region, and is the 2nd oldest and biggest town in Cuba. The town has always held a really festive Carnival, and Afro Cuban songs displays and dance through the night .

It is possible to also begin to see the Museo Emilio Bacardo, which is is among the the oldest museum in Cuba, where the museum exposes several mummi-mummi from Peru and ancient Egypt. Another fascinating website is a fortress constructed in the 17th-century and in the museum, The Castillo de San-Pedro de la Roca.